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How To Simplify Your Car Wash Routine

Nothing keeps a vehicle looking better than regular washing followed by an application of quality wax.

Did you know your good deed inadvertently could scratch the vehicle’s surface? Here’s an easy way to help avoid scratches caused by wash bucket contaminants.

Accident Apps Offer Tips In Time of Crisis

The stress of vehicle accidents--tire blowout, getting struck by another vehicle or even witnessing an accident--can cause forgetfulness, according to researchers.

Fortunately, there are apps for that. See how helpful mobile tools can provide first-aid and accident guidance in an emergency.

How To Keep Leather Interior Looking Great

Leather interior adds a distinctive touch of class to your vehicle. Nothing looks or feels or has the unique fragrance of leather.

Check out these tips for keeping your leather interior in top shape.

New Impaired Driving Campaign Targets Young Adults

A new national campaign from the National HIghway Traffic Safety Administration seeks to address escalating issues with impaired driving.

States are wrestling with lower limits on blood alcohol levels, and the video highlights a driver who is seemingly sober yet displays poor reflexes.

Watch now.

Kicking Tires After A Long Winter

Tulips are sprouting. Mockingbirds are serenading. And baseball is back.

Add one more item to the list: Check your tires for critical signs caused by harsh winter conditions.

Improve Performance, MPG With Fresh Spark Plugs

Spark plugs produce a lightning storm beneath your hood--if they are operating properly.

Winter weather can severely reduce the potential of these critical components and affect your vehicle’s charging system. Get a spring upgrade.

Great Escapes: National Treasures Located Within Easy Reach

Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon typically get all the love when we think about National Parks.

But the National Park Service tends to a whole variety of landmarks, historic sites and recreation areas as well. Rediscover some of these gems that are worth the drive.