Winter Car Care Tips For A Safe, Healthy Drive

We’ve got five helpful reminders to keep your car clean, inside and out this winter. That extra bit offers a payoff: Winter cleaning helps prevent wear and tear, makes your vehicle look great and reduces the cleaning effort needed come spring.

  • Windshield water repellent (outside). Rain repellents, applied to the windshield’s exterior, are hydrophobic compounds. This causes water to bead on the glass and can even slide off the glass at highway speeds.
  • Windshield defogger (inside). Anti-fog products, used on the interior of the windshield, speed up evaporation and combat haze that may be related to temperature changes inside the car.
  • Carpet cleaner and terrycloth towels. Clean towels can be used to wipe mud, snow, water or road salt off your shoes, while a spot treatment spray can tackle any stains that may appear from coffee spills or the elements.
  • Vacuum frequently. Vacuuming removes particles that not only contribute odors but attract moisture and soil carpeting. Be thorough, stretching the vacuum nozzle underneath the pedals and seats. Frequent vacuuming help keeps dirt and grime from embedding into fibers.
  • Attack musty, moldy odors. Damp seats and carpets can leave your interior smelling musty. Sprays, waxes and essential oils can all be used to mask the odor, but it takes a deodorizing spray to truly get rid of the smell. Start by spraying the cabin thoroughly with a deodorizer, then choose the aroma that suits you.